Late Night Eggplant

Oh My God! I cant believe it is 3 am! I have to get up to take my dear hubby to work at 630am! This is an ungodly time to wake up in the morning. I like to enjoy my early mornings, at least the rare ones I do have. I lounge around on my couch sipping coffee or a new herbal tea and I read something inspiring while I enjoy the freshness of the day.

Tomorrow I have school, Archaeology 101. I decided to skip class on Wed so I am really hoping that they didn't announce that we were having class at some remote location. I don't really think that will happen but its a possibility.

My Hubby got a new job! Yeah! He is making decent money and our poorness is over! I am actually paying all of my bills and stopping off at the quilt shop for fabric shopping tomorrow! I have been so excited about it the last 2 weeks. I mean... we actually have money. We haven't had money for a very long time. Our time has just began!

I promised an update with the gym. I am still working on it. I did go several times and I plan on going this week but my anniversary, Valentines, and quality time with hubby and my pumpkin got in the way. However I have been making efforts in the grocery department. Lots of chicken and veggies. I bought huge amounts of veggies tonight at the store. I even bought an eggplant! I have never cooked or even eaten eggplant before. But it is such a handsome color.

Wish me luck on my ventures! Does anyone know a good recipe for eggplant?


Quick Visit

I wanted to drop a quick hello. School went great today. I think my teacher is pretty cool and the class looks fun. I think I will have interesting stories about her later.

Then I went to the gym and got a free week membership. I am going to sign up for 3 months at the end of the week. Today I went and I did a half mile on the elliptical machine in 15 min. I stretched and I sat in the steam room for 10 minutes. I feel great.

Ok Its really late... well early so I am going to sleep! I am so tired.


Spring and the Coming of the Gym

I am beginning to wake up. The first day of February has past and the sun has been growing since Winter Solstice. Now is the beginning of Spring as we see it. The other day I smelled the first breath of warm spring wind. That is always the beginning. Next comes the rain and then the flowers, then we are right into Summer! I live in the desert so these things happen faster here.
Don't worry, Snow Bunnies in the crafting world, Spring is on its way!

With Spring comes school and I begin my last semester of junior college. I am only taking two classes so I better get an A in both. Intro into Fictional Literature and Intro to Archaeology 2. Which is a hands on class by the way! I cant wait.

My biggest news is that I am going to join a gym...again. I have been waiting until I had the money for the fees for so long now I am scared about going. I am desperate to loose this weight. I hate being this heavy and I want to feel healthy again. I used to love going to the gym and I think I could love it again. It was my time alone with my thoughts with little interruption. And I felt great at that time. I want that again and if I am moving to a seaside town I am going to want to be swimsuit ready and healthy! Please leave me your support. I really need it. Thanks! I will let you know how things are progressing.

Oh Yeah! Cowboy found a great new job! He loves it! Yeah for my honey!