Funny, I Have Been Thinking of You!

This is what my husband wants to do once we get a front yard. Right now we are in an apartment complex and we manage it so if I want to keep my job I cant do these sorts of things.

Isn't it funny though!

Today I ran into my best friend from high school and her mom. I have hardly seen either of them for 2-3 years. When I became pregnant with my pumpkin she sort of disappeared when I needed her most. She actually had a habit of doing that. Her mother on the other hand was the most wonderful women. She was like a second mom to me. I have been thinking of them often over the last couple weeks. The Celestine would say that there is some reason why I ran into her and I have been thinking of her. They invited me over to their house so I may stop by for a visit tonight. If not tonight then later this week. There must be some reason for my running into her. I wonder what it is??

I haven't been able to sew much in the last couple of days but I have done a lot of thinking about sewing. I had some brocade fat quarters that were laying around so I began to cut them up into 3in squares for a small quilt for my daughter.
I also went to the library and checked out a 101 quilts book. The name escapes me at the moment. Anyway, I came across a log cabin quilt in really ugly colors. I used my imagination to substitute the ugly colors with black and white patterns and blue mixed in. Just black, white, and blue. Its going to look really neat. Log cabin quilts are supposed to be really easy so I should have fun with it.

I am going to borrow my moms digital camera and take lots of pics of what I have made in the last few weeks. There are a few purses and some other neat stuff. I am begging Santa to bring me a new camera for Christmas. That's the only thing I want. And If we happen to be rich this holiday, a new computer would be nice.


Mood: Leaves Much To Be Desired

Today wasn't a bad day. Neither was yesterday, so what is with my funk? I have no motivation to do much of anything. I have a huge craving for chocolate and I am feeling fat. Ok, yes I know what the problem really is but I still don't have to like feeling this way.

I feel like I am full of toxins. My body feels heavy and clogged. Maybe I should do a cleansing fast for 2 or 3 days. Just water and fruit a little bit of light soup. I have some Tomato and Red Pepper Soup in the fridge from Trader Joe's. I think that this is a good idea.

Tomorrow I am hosting a drumming with my old religious teacher. Cowboy is actually an Indian so every month or so we have our drum teacher come and drum with us. Its fun but sometimes it is more of a chore. Then on Sat I get to go hang out with my girls for the evening. There is a meteor shower on Sat and Sun night, if you are interested. We will be ridding ourselves of unnecessary junk into the cauldron. My excess weight and laziness will be sacrificed this time. We will also be preparing for our annual Samhain celebration. Its pretty fun. If you don't know what Samhain is, I don't blame you. Many people have not heard of the roots of modern Halloween. If you would like to know more then clink on the link.

I was able to make a purse today. I bought some Amy Butler fabric yesterday when I went to Bolts in the Bathtub. Its a nice store. Except, you know how when you walk into a room you suddenly feel unwelcome or under scrutiny. That's how I felt the whole time I was there. It wasn't a pleasant feeling. Perhaps it is because I look young. I will still go back. Mostly because its the only store in my area that carries designer fabrics. Perhaps after they get to know me as a regular shopper they will lighten up.

Anyway I will post a pic of the purse I made today. Its a Jordy Bag. I followed the pattern from Craftster but I don't think I like how the strap turned out. It looks nice but too wide. I also added Velcro this time and triple stitched the whole bag for extra durability. I think I am going to start making some things for myself. I need to be a little more selfish. First I need a new purse. Maybe a tote. Then I want to get some good white towels and line them in some pretty Amy Butler fabric. I am copying her pattern from her new book, In Stitches, for the towels. Its a great book, by the way, on my with list.
I will post more pics soon of what I have come up with. And I have been working on a Sewing Blog Carnival so stay posted for that.


Wonderful New Fabrics Coming

I just discovered this fabulous designer, Heather Bailey. She has a line of terrific new fabrics coming out soon. They are bright and clean. I cant wait to check some out!

Also look at her upcoming pattern for a halter apron. Its super sexy.


Finally Photos!!! Yeah!!!

I finally have pics of what I have been working on. This is a set of fabric coasters that I made yesterday. I am going to put these up on my Etsy site.

They were easy to make. Cut 4 squares 5in by 5in. Cut the same of another fabric. Sew edges right sides together, but leave a hole to turn. Turn and iron flat. Tuck seam in hole and topstitch around the whole coaster. Make 3 more and you are done!

I made this handbag of blue corduroy and a red, white and blue plaid Cotton lining. There are pockets on the inside.

See to the right. Pockets and interior. This one is also going up on Etsy.

This is a cute purse with a bad picture. I have a better one. Basically it is sort of made like a Jordy Bag. The A-line one, without a flap. Its completely reversible and made of Dark denim and Cotton. Its pretty cute.

Betty Boop Bag

This one I wish I made with heavier facing. I haven't sewn the lining closed so I might go back and fuse some on. There is also going to be a big White button sewn on as the closure. This bag reminds me of Betty Boop goes to College.
Its very roomy and has a cute pocket.

These are my works in progress:

I was working on the one to the red one today. I was inspired by this great bag made by Creative Little Daisy who makes beautiful stuff. Please check out her site.
I am going to add a Denim Band and handle at the top. I am not sure what I am going to line it with yet. I am getting impatient with my fabric and I am itching for a fabric shopping spree. However I am poor right now. I might be able to stock up soon though so I am keeping my shopping list going.

The other one was inspired by a 20s style clutch I saw surfing the net. I am going to be adding a band an a magnetic closure on that one. Probably a flap too. I think I flap would make this bag pop.

Other things in the making? I made a wallet today that I liked so much I am keeping. I forgot to take a pic of it though. I am also working on another set of coasters that are Denim and the same plaid material that is lining the corduroy bag. Those ones I am thinking of embroidering with something country, like a cowboy hat and boots.

Hopefully it wont take so long to take pics next time. Let me know what you think!


My New Etsy.com Store


I am so excited to announce my new Etsy store! I have been making bags, belts, I-pod covers, Laptop bags, and much more. Nothing is in the store yet, but they will be there this week. Wish me luck and tell everyone to come check out my new store!



Happy Birthday To Me

Twenty Four years ago on this day, in 1982, my mother was in the hospital delivering the new life that became me.

Yes, its my birthday. Not the exciting milestone that a birthday was when I was a child or even a teenager. Its just another birthday to me.

What am I going to do today? Well I really don't know. This morning I am going to go fabric shopping with my mom. That will be fun. I am also going to pick up some free curtains from a guy who said I can have them. Great for me! Maybe we can go thrift store hunting. There is a thrift store down the street I have been wanting to visit. Everyday he puts really neat things outside in the front of his shop and I find myself slowing down traffic so I can see what he has out.

After fabric store shopping I don't know what I want to do. I originally wanted to go to Exposition Park to the museums for my birthday, but alas we were counting pennies out of my purse to buy diapers last night. Cowboys birthday is tomorrow so we wont be doing much for his birthday either. We decided that we will celebrate our birthdays at a later date. Then we can go do what we want to.

Wish me a good day today. Many happy sales.


Coffee With The Boss

Tonight I am going to spend the evening having coffee with my (and Cowboys) very influential boss. AHH! It gets worse. Apparently he has a business opportunity that he has been involved in as well as a couple of his other employees. Last night I am talking to this guy that introduced my boss to this opportunity and I asked what it was about. Of course, like every businessman he says "why don't you come over for coffee and we can chat about it". I am stuck. My boss has been wanting me to come for almost a year and its a great opportunity to get to know him better. We (Cowboy and I) are great at getting people to love us, but I hate these things. To me they are all scams. I am gullible too so I have to have my shields up and my awareness heightened. I will have an opportunity to practice some of the Celestine's principles. Haha one of which is to be more open to new opportunities. I guess I will have to see how I feel about it. I hope it goes well.

What am I going to wear? Casual or Business?

Photo of the Day

Seriously crafty

I have recently become addicted to:

And also:

What terrific sites! I have had so much inspiration from these two sites in the last few days and I have hardly scratched the surface! I also think everyone should check out Etsy. We should support the people who make things by hand. These people are seriously talented and you get quality work for great prices.

I am really hoping to have an Etsy site up soon. I have to get crackin on making stuff. Although I just added the Christmas Critter swap and the Ornament Swap to my list of things to do.
I was coming up with some ideas last night while I was laying in bed trying to calm my mind enough to sleep.
For the ornaments I came up with 3 ideas. I need 5 ornaments so I am almost there if I get all these done. I want to make a mini patchwork quilt. Just basic squares or bars. Something easy. I was thinking of using some scrap Christmas fabric. Joanns has all of their quilting fabric $1 off right now so I might go hit them up for ideas. I was going to use some ribbon for bias tape around the edges.

The second ornament might be too heavy for a tree, but I think it will work if I make it small enough. I was going to mosaic a small bell.

I have been thinking a lot about paper mache lately. I used to do it a lot when I was a kid. Its the fun messiness of it. Anyway I was thinking of making a paper mache ornament. I haven't come up with a shape. Then I would paint it.

I was contemplating sewing a little felt ornament and beading it too.

I better stop. Pumpkin isn't feeling well and she is pretty clingy today I am trying to get her to eat but she wont. I hate it when kids do that.


Bringing In Beauty and Peace

The last couple of weeks have been very tight, money wise. I usually freak out when we get low on cash, I hoard every last penny, I eat very little (saving food), but this time I have been better. Today I woke up and I was overcome by anxiety and fear about money. I don't know if it was my dreams (which I don't remember) or maybe I just woke up on the anxiety side of the bed. However I have been reading The Celestine Prophecy and doing the workbook and today I used some of the strategies in the books to help get me out of my funk. It worked!

If you haven't read the Celestine Prophecy go to your bookstore right now and buy it. It is a wonderful, eye opening book. Today I was working on the 3rd Insight which focuses on the energy that connects all living things with the universe. It talks about how your thoughts are part of this energy and therefore you can affect your life by changing what you think about. The perfect example is my mom. She is a very negative person and I keep telling her that if she would only change her outlook that new opportunities would open up. I was talking to her on the phone today and the conversation was going fine until she started ranting about my stepfather and all of there problems. She never admits that any of these problems began because of her. I had to tune her out to deflect the negative energy that was pouring through the phone. I ended the conversation pretty quickly.

This morning I used this concept of absorbing energy from the universe and changing thoughts to improve my life. I have realized that I talk about being secure and wealthy as though it is far off in the future. What I need to project is that I am bringing in money now from different sources, this money is increasing and I need to take advantage of it. I am improving my life and I welcome more opportunities to improve my financial situation. That is a positive affirmation! I meditated on this concept for a few minutes. I was on my bed with the window open and the sun bathing me in its light. I absorbed the energy the sun gave me and I focused on my affirmation. I felt much more energized and positive after this.

The second thing I realized today is that my home and my life lacks the beauty I used to surround myself with. When I was younger my bedroom was a haven of books, artwork, statuettes, and the walls were painted a brilliant blue. I had trees right out my two large windows facing a view of the 1 acre property my parents owned. I loved my room and I spent most of my time there. Since I have been moving all over the place I have lost or damaged much of my belongings to the point that I don't have many beautiful things anymore. I have had a depression of sorts. I don't like most of the furniture in my apartment and there are only a couple small pieces of art on the walls.

So, today I made some small changes to make my bedroom more inviting and beautiful. I have a poster print of a Van Gogh painting that I like which I have been meaning to frame forever. Well today I thumb tacked it up on the wall. Not classy but better then nothing and it makes a difference. I also hung up a large scarf that has a really nice pattern on it. I have a throw that is brightly colored in blues and yellows which I covered my bed with.
I bought a bouquet of lovely yellow flowers (The ones on the left)and 2 more potted plants ($8.00 total) to bring more life into the house (plants have great healing energy). These things have definitely helped.

Look in your own home and see what small things you can do to make it more beautiful.


Fall House Cleansing

Ever feel like your house is a never ending clutter box? No matter what you do with it, the clutter is always coming back?
Well its driving me nuts. I inherited my fathers white glove cleaning habits, but since I had Pumpkin and moved to my apartment its been a huge project to clear out. Cowboy and I would like to do a little entertaining this holiday season but there is no way I am inviting people over with the house like this.

I just don't know where to start! I mean the kitchen needs organization. I cant fit the microwave anywhere except where the phone has to be, so its shoved next to the fridge and its a huge pain to use it.

My dining room/library is horribly ugly. The books are piled on plastic white utility shelves. The only thing available when we moved in. I do have one good bookcase that I painted wine and shabby chic green. Wine is on the inside of the shelves. Now I am not sure if I like it. My tastes change quickly.

There is a window in the dining room/library that is covered with a book shelf. Besides the fact that its bad juju to block windows, I would like to have the light.
There is also a bunch of crap piled up under the table. The table has no chairs and I also use this room as my craft room so all of that stuff is in there too.

My desk is a mess of papers, office supplies, Cd's, pictures, and other assorted things that don't have a home elsewhere.

I have a lot of work to do! Wish me luck. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know! I may be putting stuff up here that I want to get rid of so keep a lookout for it.