Bringing In Beauty and Peace

The last couple of weeks have been very tight, money wise. I usually freak out when we get low on cash, I hoard every last penny, I eat very little (saving food), but this time I have been better. Today I woke up and I was overcome by anxiety and fear about money. I don't know if it was my dreams (which I don't remember) or maybe I just woke up on the anxiety side of the bed. However I have been reading The Celestine Prophecy and doing the workbook and today I used some of the strategies in the books to help get me out of my funk. It worked!

If you haven't read the Celestine Prophecy go to your bookstore right now and buy it. It is a wonderful, eye opening book. Today I was working on the 3rd Insight which focuses on the energy that connects all living things with the universe. It talks about how your thoughts are part of this energy and therefore you can affect your life by changing what you think about. The perfect example is my mom. She is a very negative person and I keep telling her that if she would only change her outlook that new opportunities would open up. I was talking to her on the phone today and the conversation was going fine until she started ranting about my stepfather and all of there problems. She never admits that any of these problems began because of her. I had to tune her out to deflect the negative energy that was pouring through the phone. I ended the conversation pretty quickly.

This morning I used this concept of absorbing energy from the universe and changing thoughts to improve my life. I have realized that I talk about being secure and wealthy as though it is far off in the future. What I need to project is that I am bringing in money now from different sources, this money is increasing and I need to take advantage of it. I am improving my life and I welcome more opportunities to improve my financial situation. That is a positive affirmation! I meditated on this concept for a few minutes. I was on my bed with the window open and the sun bathing me in its light. I absorbed the energy the sun gave me and I focused on my affirmation. I felt much more energized and positive after this.

The second thing I realized today is that my home and my life lacks the beauty I used to surround myself with. When I was younger my bedroom was a haven of books, artwork, statuettes, and the walls were painted a brilliant blue. I had trees right out my two large windows facing a view of the 1 acre property my parents owned. I loved my room and I spent most of my time there. Since I have been moving all over the place I have lost or damaged much of my belongings to the point that I don't have many beautiful things anymore. I have had a depression of sorts. I don't like most of the furniture in my apartment and there are only a couple small pieces of art on the walls.

So, today I made some small changes to make my bedroom more inviting and beautiful. I have a poster print of a Van Gogh painting that I like which I have been meaning to frame forever. Well today I thumb tacked it up on the wall. Not classy but better then nothing and it makes a difference. I also hung up a large scarf that has a really nice pattern on it. I have a throw that is brightly colored in blues and yellows which I covered my bed with.
I bought a bouquet of lovely yellow flowers (The ones on the left)and 2 more potted plants ($8.00 total) to bring more life into the house (plants have great healing energy). These things have definitely helped.

Look in your own home and see what small things you can do to make it more beautiful.

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