Funny, I Have Been Thinking of You!

This is what my husband wants to do once we get a front yard. Right now we are in an apartment complex and we manage it so if I want to keep my job I cant do these sorts of things.

Isn't it funny though!

Today I ran into my best friend from high school and her mom. I have hardly seen either of them for 2-3 years. When I became pregnant with my pumpkin she sort of disappeared when I needed her most. She actually had a habit of doing that. Her mother on the other hand was the most wonderful women. She was like a second mom to me. I have been thinking of them often over the last couple weeks. The Celestine would say that there is some reason why I ran into her and I have been thinking of her. They invited me over to their house so I may stop by for a visit tonight. If not tonight then later this week. There must be some reason for my running into her. I wonder what it is??

I haven't been able to sew much in the last couple of days but I have done a lot of thinking about sewing. I had some brocade fat quarters that were laying around so I began to cut them up into 3in squares for a small quilt for my daughter.
I also went to the library and checked out a 101 quilts book. The name escapes me at the moment. Anyway, I came across a log cabin quilt in really ugly colors. I used my imagination to substitute the ugly colors with black and white patterns and blue mixed in. Just black, white, and blue. Its going to look really neat. Log cabin quilts are supposed to be really easy so I should have fun with it.

I am going to borrow my moms digital camera and take lots of pics of what I have made in the last few weeks. There are a few purses and some other neat stuff. I am begging Santa to bring me a new camera for Christmas. That's the only thing I want. And If we happen to be rich this holiday, a new computer would be nice.

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