Afternoon Tea- Photo Friday

Some afternoons I want to take a quiet break and sit with a good book and a cup of tea. I did 9 loads of laundry by the time I took this break so it was well worth it.


A Great Gift

Everyone needs to go to AfricanKelli and sign up to help these orphans. We have so much luxury. We can spare $20 for some toothbrushes, soaps, and lotions.

My Photography

I have been thinking a lot about photography lately. I think my new camera is the best purchase I have made in years. I have already gotten so much pleasure out of it. Most of the pictures I have been taking have been of my family and my home. I haven't had a camera in so long I felt like I have missed documenting our lives for the past 4 years.

I think I got that out of my system. I am starting to think like a photographer again. I am itching to go out and find a great shot.

I have also been a little more artsy then I used to be.

I ran out of batteries this afternoon or I would be taking pics right now. I probably should be reading Portrait of a Lady by Henry James instead. I have to read it for my English Lit class. After reading Madame Bovary I am hoping for a different writing style from Henry James. So far, so good. I am hoping for more excitement soon though.

As for sewing, I covered a new pillow. And I think I have everything to start quilting that purple quilt

Off to flirt with Henry James!


Apartment Therapy -Week 6

I skipped week 5, the office, because I am going to do it later.

I have been working on the bathroom.
Before: The sink is a mess. There is a lot of stuff that doesn't belong and too much crap that need to get thrown away.

I am not completely finished but I did throw away all the holey torn towels and donated all the ugly blankets. I only kept my favorites and a couple of nice ones that will be replaced as I find better ones I love.

I was able to condense most of the top and bottom linen cabinets into one. Next I moved all of the bath products, brushes, etc. to the top linen cabinet. I am buying new baskets to keep them organized. Only the stuff I use everyday made it into the medicine cabinet.

I ended up putting the green plate in the outbox

I have since painted that cool mirror white.

Things are looking so much better.

Photo Friday- The Blues

She looks so blue, doesn't she?

This is my first Photo Friday, Yea!


Stuff For Sale! Knitting Books and Oil Paint

I have some knitting books for sale on Amazon.com if anyone is interested.

Click me

I am also selling 31 tubes or Winton Oil Paint, set of plastic mixing knives and a plastic palate. Everything is used but the tubes of paint are 3/4 full. Everything for $35.


Pot Handle Cozy Tutorial

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My very first tutorial!
This tutorial is for...

So hear it goes...
I use cast iron pans and I have burned my hand so many times by forgetting to use a potholder and grabbing the very hot handle. These have been on my list of things to do for a while.

The finished project.
-Flame retardant fabric. I used an old felted wool sweater that still had a little of its stretch left after felting.
-Matching Thread

1. Measure the length and width of the pot handles you want to cover, mine was approx. 5.5 inches by 2 inches.

2. Next, make a template of your design. I wanted my cozies to be really snug so I didn't add any seam allowances. However if your material doesn't stretch add at least a 1/4 inch seam allowance.
Have fun with the design. I made a simple design because my fabric is already so eye catching. You could make the end pointed instead of rounded, a star or some other shape.

3. Lay out your template on the fabric and cut out.

4. Pin right sides together and sew up seams as illustrated (the red line on the picture).

5. Turn right side out and enjoy!

Note: I didn't finish the edges on mine because it was felted but if you want to, you would turn the edge on the opening under and sew them down before sewing the two pieces together.

I hope you enjoy! This was fun, perhaps more tutorials will come soon.


Apartment Therapy Week 4, Part 2

Wow! Isn't that a huge difference! It still has a lot of work to go.

I never realized how much stuff we accumulate. I collect big useless stuff. Why cant I collect shoes, jewelry, or stock? I buy knickknacks, lots and lots of knickknacks.

I figure, everyone needs another polished stone or a candle holder. I have so much stuff. Its okay though because I am getting rid of it all.

If you haven't started Apartment Therapy yet you have to try it! It will help you love your home.


Apartment Therapy Week 3 and 4

Apartment Therapy's Cure is such a great program for your house! I am really doing the deep clean this time. I am getting rid of the old me and starting fresh. Since we are moving in about 6 months (or less) I am really focused on eliminating rather then decorating. I have been absolutely addicted to the Apartment Therapy Flickr Pool.

Week 3: Before

Week 3: After
What a difference!

Now for this week I have the biggest job. I really need to just dig in tomorrow and see what I can get done. I am certain I can do it. My dining room is the worst. Here is the before picture I took today.

OMG! Is my dining room really that dirty! Where did all this stuff come from? Well regardless of where it came from , I know where it is going.

I am planning on getting rid of half the books. Almost all of the fiction novels, If I can get away with it. You cant see it but everywhere that there isn't furniture there are books on the floor. I don't need these!

There are lots of things that I had as a teenager that I am still holding onto because they have memories. But I am letting these memories go... along with the item.

The artwork on the wall was drawn by a friend of mine in high school. I cant believe I still have it! I am going to Email him on myspace to see if he wants it. If not I will sell it. Its a great piece, but not really my style. I am going to paint the table legs white and I am hoping to give away the plastic storage bin. The top has caved in a bit making it hard to open and close. I don't know what I was thinking when I painted that bookshelf. It is an ugly color. I am going to paint it white.

Here is a photo of the living room.

My thoughts: More Color, an area rug, take the native stuff down and put it somewhere else, Slipcover the couches. I am thinking of changing to ocean colors for my home. Aqua and Turquoise with brown and white. When I move up north I will find an apartment that will work with my design.

What do you think?



My neighbors kids are so cute. But one of them is so photogenic! Here are some shots of him today. They are so adorable. I really love the close up. You can really see the life in his eyes. I missed class again today. Thanks to my mother who hung up on me the other day, I didn't have a babysitter. It was not my fault that she hung up. She just didn't want to hear the truth. Anyway, she will call when she gets over it.