My Photography

I have been thinking a lot about photography lately. I think my new camera is the best purchase I have made in years. I have already gotten so much pleasure out of it. Most of the pictures I have been taking have been of my family and my home. I haven't had a camera in so long I felt like I have missed documenting our lives for the past 4 years.

I think I got that out of my system. I am starting to think like a photographer again. I am itching to go out and find a great shot.

I have also been a little more artsy then I used to be.

I ran out of batteries this afternoon or I would be taking pics right now. I probably should be reading Portrait of a Lady by Henry James instead. I have to read it for my English Lit class. After reading Madame Bovary I am hoping for a different writing style from Henry James. So far, so good. I am hoping for more excitement soon though.

As for sewing, I covered a new pillow. And I think I have everything to start quilting that purple quilt

Off to flirt with Henry James!

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