Like I Said Before


This is an advertisement in France. Isn't it great! Thank you Petite Anglais for your humorous post this morning!

I Have Been Quoted Yeah!

The Million Dollar Club Quoted me. Check out the post here! I am so excited! I have never been quoted before.


The Million Dollar Savings Club

I have just joined The Million Dollar Savings Club. Its another blog where you put 3 dollars a day into savings. One dollar each for Savings, Investment, and Give Away. Check it out Here.

Saving money is so hard for me. But this guy is right. It needs to become a habit. I have also heard about the Latte Factor from another financial guru I cant name of the top of my head. The concept of the Latte Factor is that if we invested the $3.50 or more a day that we spend at Starbucks we could all retire in 10 years. Its true add it up. I found out that I was spending almost $75 a month on frappacinos! No wonder I cant pay my credit card bill. I was also spending $5-$9 a day on food. That's about $100 bucks a month. Yes I know I have to eat but that sandwich that I spent five bucks on, I could have made it at home for $.25! Probably would taste better too.

So join the Million Dollar Club. Check out the rest of his site too. Its full of great tips!

Live happy and be RICH


Revenge of a Middle Age Women Review

Since I am such an avid reader I am reviewing each book as I finish. I have been sick with a cold for the whole weekend so I was able to start and finish Revenge of the Middle Aged Women by Elizabeth Buchan.

This is about a women who is happily married to a good man then suddenly he decided that he has fallen in love with another women. He moves out and she is left to cope.

I think this would be a great book for any women going through a breakup. Rose, the main character, loses everything and still picks up the pieces of her life and moves on to become a better and happier person.
The beginning of the book was slow and there were other parts that were a little slow but overall I enjoyed this book and found it inspiring and entertaining.

Next on my list is Under the Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes


Inspiration From Song

Today I was listening to a song on the radio and as I listened to the words they really hit home. The song is rather popular now but the singer's name has escaped me and my searches on the Internet.
Anyway, she sings about how her life is a book and everyday is a blank page. Instead of allowing others to fill her page, she does it herself. She fills the pages of her life with happy things. She takes risks, embraces simple pleasures and unexpected happenings. At the end, her life will have been an interesting adventure instead of a book that is never read or quoted.
Life should be lived this way. Too many people sit around and complain about their situation instead of taking the initiative to make it better. Even if a situation seems out of your hands changing your perspective can make a huge difference and perhaps even provide new solutions. Change your perspective today.


I Love To Sew

I am almost finished with my muslin skirt. McCalls Pattern 3341. I am having so much fun and its not that hard. I cant wait to finish and start a new skirt. I have so many ideas now. My mind races all night with inspiration. As soon as I figure out what to do about pictures then I will post some of what I have sewn.

Here are some pics I got off my moms computer yesterday.

Cowboy and I about 3 years ago. Don't I look terrific! Wish I knew it then.

This is my princess playing in the mud. She is having a grand time.


Hottie Husband

This is my hubby shooting at a native american archery demo. Isnt he handsome with a bow and arrow? Thats one of our horses, Trouble. Yes he is Trouble too. Damn thing threw me a couple months ago and I couldnt walk for a week. The funny thing about horses is that when you look them in the eyes you swear that they are speaking right into your brain. Telepathy? Maybe. Honestly I think that its entirly possible. I mean we only use 10 % of our brains right? What does the other 90% do?

Ok trying a Meme

I have never heard of Memes until tonight, but I figure its a great way to get to know more about me so here are some Meme Questions.

1. Take a walk through your kitchen. Come up with at least seven appliances or electric gadgets that you'd hate to be without when you have kitchen duty for any reasonable length of time.

For me this would include:
1. Can Opener
2. Microwave
3. Old fashion teapot
4. Dishwasher
5. Fridge
6. Garbage Disposal
7. Stove

2. You've chosen to open a mini-version of Baskin-Robbins. Instead of thirty-one flavors, you're limited to seven. Which favorite flavors would you choose?

1. Mint Chocolate Chip
2. Fudge Brownie
3. Cookies and Cream
4. Chocolate Chip
5. Raspberry Sorbet
6. Germanchokolatecake from Coldstones Ice Creamery
7. Vanilla Bean

Ok now its really late and Cowboy is fast asleep on the couch. I think I will read a bit of The Shadow Sorceress and then go to bed.


Late Night Bordom

I am still having problems with my camera. I have to call tomorrow and see if customer service can figure out the problem. If not I am going to have to give it to someone because Target probably wont accept it back.

On another note, I bought some batting for the purple quilt I am making. I just have to figure out what I want the back to look like. Then I can start quilting. I will post some pics as soon as I am able. I think I will borrow my neighbors camera. I also bought a new book called Sew U. It is a really great book and it is written in a fun and easy to read format. Its the first sewing book that I have really liked.

I am planning on making several of the patterns that are in the book. It comes with a skirt, shirt, and a pant pattern. Then she has directions for several variations of each. I want to start on them but I need to wash the fabric.

I think I will go read the pattern again and maybe cut it out. I don't know if I want to do it tonight. Its almost midnight.

Camera Problems

I am upset. I bought a camera yesterday at Target. Its a cheap $20 digital camera for taking picks for this blog. Well everything went fine until I tried to get the pics off the camera.It keeps saying "camera not found". The camera recognises that it is plugged into the compute but the program doesn't find the camera. I cant figure it out. I had a similar problem with my mouse a few months ago. I have had so many problems with my computer. I want a new one.

And to finish it off, our VCR broke today. UGGG


Fabulous Fall

The last few days the air has been cooler and crisper. The wind is brisk with occasional gusts. The humidity has been higher then normal, which is welcome in a desert climate. My plants started to droop and I had to bring them inside to save them from what??


I adore fall. It is my favorite season of all seasons. I can break out my soft sweaters, hot cocoa (sometimes with Baileys or Schnapps), I can turn on the fireplace and watch the clouds roll in another thunderstorm. Growing up in the desert makes a person love the rain. I worship every drop of moisture that falls from the sky. The scent makes my body tingle with anticipation and excitement builds until I hear the first crack of thunder and a massive forked bolt of electricity arcing across the sky and often hitting the sun baked earth. Usually one or two, very necessary, fires start this way.

In the mornings I have been treasuring the smell of the air. I wrap myself up in my wine red cardigan and sit on the porch with some earl grey, absorbing the smell of fresh air, damp earth and the quiet sounds of the morning.

I have to work today. Not until 5pm though. I plan on going to Target and shopping for an inexpensive camera for blog picture taking. I miss taking photos. Especially in fall. Fall is my most favorite time for photographs.

More updates and hopefully photos later.


Excitement and Ideas

I went to Hancock Fabrics today and the McCall's patterns were $.99! Can you believe that great deal! I also got some great fabric that was on sale as well as batting for the quilt I am working on. I got some Charcoal cotton/poly blend fabric for a skirt, a Victorian flower print. Ivory with tiny rose colored flowers on it. I am making a button down shirt with that. Its going to look so cute!

I have an idea. I guess there is a way to sell stuff on blogger. Well I am going to make clothes to sell on blogger. My own designs. I have been designing clothes in my head and in drawings since I was little. I remember designing dresses and shirts when I was about 12. I love it. Oh I cant wait to get started!

I am also going to be buying a small camera so I can put more pics on this blog. I am going to need on for selling and I want to put some of my beautiful photography on the blog.

Lastly, I had a terrific conversation with a co worker today. He is a total gym rat and has been training as a personal trainer for a while. He is willing to help me get back into shape. I need to get a membership to his gym, but its not that expensive so I don't think it will be a problem. I miss going to the gym. It wasn't all the sweaty bodies, or even working out that I liked. It was a time where I could do nothing but think. I relaxed, got into the rhythms. About 5 years ago I went to the gym 4 days a week. I did yoga 2hours 2 times a week and I did cardio and strength training. I loved it. I felt great and I was happy. I want that back.

Today was an exciting day.
I cant sleep.. its 2:09 am. I am going to read a bit and drink some tea. Maybe that will help.


Knitting for Like

I like to knit. I dont love to knit. I actually kinda hate to knit. Its my contradiction. I love reading about knitting, I love shopping for the projects, I love feeling the yarn. I like starting to knit but I get bored and I stop. Then I don't want to start again. I would rather go find new yarn for a new project. Is that bizarre? I have a large stash of yarn that I would like to give away, but..... I cant let it go. I start touching the soft mohair, warm wool, crisp cottons and I cant let any go.

The new Knitty Fall 2006 came out today. I really like this online mag for knitters. It has great modern patterns for young, old, skilled, and beginners. I think it is a wonderful resource. I want to try Intolerable Cruelty, an absolutely to die for skirt. Lizard Ridge, an afghan that has the most beautiful color patterns and I would adore looking at it for the rest of my life. Sox on 2 Stix, because I will never figure out socks on five sticks or two circs or anything other then 2 sticks (and it looks fast). Finally Back to School, because it introduces me to a washcloth pattern that is modern and not boring (shhh also because I seriously miss being in school and I cant wait to transfer). Unfortunately I will probably never do any of these projects. I don't have the patience. I have the same problem with sewing projects.

Life has been decent lately. Money is not tight, birthdays are around every corner in my family. I have been able to collect a few side jobs around my apartment complex to earn me extra money and I might go and pick peaches for a dollar a box. That will probably be my communion with autumn.

I love fall


Been a While

Hi All!
Its been a while since I posted. I am going to try to post more since writing is pretty relaxing for me. I can spill all of my loves and frustrations out on paper. Right now I am kind of upset. I had to meet some friends today at 10am (its now 10:15am) and at the last minute my fiance decided that he needs to drive 25 min (one way) to pick something up. Its not something he needs, its not important, and he could pick it up later, but no he wants it now. So we argue, he says I am being selfish (I am being selfish???)... Anyway then he tells me that he needs to buy cigarettes so I said fine. The Cig store is a block away. He has been gone 20 minutes. Where is he? He went to go run his errand and I am going to be late, again.

Not only that but I have a very full day today. My moms birthday was yesterday and I was so busy that I couldnt go 15 min away to say Happy Birthday. I called her twice and I am going there after I get off work, I still feel guilty. I also havent really gotten her much. I got her a really cute bear statuette that cost five bucks. Thats it. The thing is that she is very hard to buy for. She never seens to like anything I get her and I cant get her a gift card because it is "not personal" and she will never use it. It will get lost or something and it will be a waste. I dont even have time to go shopping for her because I am going to be so busy today.

Work is going well. My boss likes me enough. Mostly becauase I do my job and I rarely complain unless someone else isnt doing their job. It helps that the other people who work in our department are not doing their jobs. They are lazy and young (just out of High School). I'm sure some of them think I am a bit of a brown-noser, but thats not quite true. I do things that keep me on my boss's good side. They take little effort and they make me look good. It helps my boss out and I become the favorite. That comes it handy when you make a big mistake. A boss that likes you is going to ignare mistakes much more then a boss that is irritated with all you.

I am going to get going for now. I will write more soon.