Been a While

Hi All!
Its been a while since I posted. I am going to try to post more since writing is pretty relaxing for me. I can spill all of my loves and frustrations out on paper. Right now I am kind of upset. I had to meet some friends today at 10am (its now 10:15am) and at the last minute my fiance decided that he needs to drive 25 min (one way) to pick something up. Its not something he needs, its not important, and he could pick it up later, but no he wants it now. So we argue, he says I am being selfish (I am being selfish???)... Anyway then he tells me that he needs to buy cigarettes so I said fine. The Cig store is a block away. He has been gone 20 minutes. Where is he? He went to go run his errand and I am going to be late, again.

Not only that but I have a very full day today. My moms birthday was yesterday and I was so busy that I couldnt go 15 min away to say Happy Birthday. I called her twice and I am going there after I get off work, I still feel guilty. I also havent really gotten her much. I got her a really cute bear statuette that cost five bucks. Thats it. The thing is that she is very hard to buy for. She never seens to like anything I get her and I cant get her a gift card because it is "not personal" and she will never use it. It will get lost or something and it will be a waste. I dont even have time to go shopping for her because I am going to be so busy today.

Work is going well. My boss likes me enough. Mostly becauase I do my job and I rarely complain unless someone else isnt doing their job. It helps that the other people who work in our department are not doing their jobs. They are lazy and young (just out of High School). I'm sure some of them think I am a bit of a brown-noser, but thats not quite true. I do things that keep me on my boss's good side. They take little effort and they make me look good. It helps my boss out and I become the favorite. That comes it handy when you make a big mistake. A boss that likes you is going to ignare mistakes much more then a boss that is irritated with all you.

I am going to get going for now. I will write more soon.

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