The Million Dollar Savings Club

I have just joined The Million Dollar Savings Club. Its another blog where you put 3 dollars a day into savings. One dollar each for Savings, Investment, and Give Away. Check it out Here.

Saving money is so hard for me. But this guy is right. It needs to become a habit. I have also heard about the Latte Factor from another financial guru I cant name of the top of my head. The concept of the Latte Factor is that if we invested the $3.50 or more a day that we spend at Starbucks we could all retire in 10 years. Its true add it up. I found out that I was spending almost $75 a month on frappacinos! No wonder I cant pay my credit card bill. I was also spending $5-$9 a day on food. That's about $100 bucks a month. Yes I know I have to eat but that sandwich that I spent five bucks on, I could have made it at home for $.25! Probably would taste better too.

So join the Million Dollar Club. Check out the rest of his site too. Its full of great tips!

Live happy and be RICH

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