Ok trying a Meme

I have never heard of Memes until tonight, but I figure its a great way to get to know more about me so here are some Meme Questions.

1. Take a walk through your kitchen. Come up with at least seven appliances or electric gadgets that you'd hate to be without when you have kitchen duty for any reasonable length of time.

For me this would include:
1. Can Opener
2. Microwave
3. Old fashion teapot
4. Dishwasher
5. Fridge
6. Garbage Disposal
7. Stove

2. You've chosen to open a mini-version of Baskin-Robbins. Instead of thirty-one flavors, you're limited to seven. Which favorite flavors would you choose?

1. Mint Chocolate Chip
2. Fudge Brownie
3. Cookies and Cream
4. Chocolate Chip
5. Raspberry Sorbet
6. Germanchokolatecake from Coldstones Ice Creamery
7. Vanilla Bean

Ok now its really late and Cowboy is fast asleep on the couch. I think I will read a bit of The Shadow Sorceress and then go to bed.

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