Knitting for Like

I like to knit. I dont love to knit. I actually kinda hate to knit. Its my contradiction. I love reading about knitting, I love shopping for the projects, I love feeling the yarn. I like starting to knit but I get bored and I stop. Then I don't want to start again. I would rather go find new yarn for a new project. Is that bizarre? I have a large stash of yarn that I would like to give away, but..... I cant let it go. I start touching the soft mohair, warm wool, crisp cottons and I cant let any go.

The new Knitty Fall 2006 came out today. I really like this online mag for knitters. It has great modern patterns for young, old, skilled, and beginners. I think it is a wonderful resource. I want to try Intolerable Cruelty, an absolutely to die for skirt. Lizard Ridge, an afghan that has the most beautiful color patterns and I would adore looking at it for the rest of my life. Sox on 2 Stix, because I will never figure out socks on five sticks or two circs or anything other then 2 sticks (and it looks fast). Finally Back to School, because it introduces me to a washcloth pattern that is modern and not boring (shhh also because I seriously miss being in school and I cant wait to transfer). Unfortunately I will probably never do any of these projects. I don't have the patience. I have the same problem with sewing projects.

Life has been decent lately. Money is not tight, birthdays are around every corner in my family. I have been able to collect a few side jobs around my apartment complex to earn me extra money and I might go and pick peaches for a dollar a box. That will probably be my communion with autumn.

I love fall

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