Fabulous Fall

The last few days the air has been cooler and crisper. The wind is brisk with occasional gusts. The humidity has been higher then normal, which is welcome in a desert climate. My plants started to droop and I had to bring them inside to save them from what??


I adore fall. It is my favorite season of all seasons. I can break out my soft sweaters, hot cocoa (sometimes with Baileys or Schnapps), I can turn on the fireplace and watch the clouds roll in another thunderstorm. Growing up in the desert makes a person love the rain. I worship every drop of moisture that falls from the sky. The scent makes my body tingle with anticipation and excitement builds until I hear the first crack of thunder and a massive forked bolt of electricity arcing across the sky and often hitting the sun baked earth. Usually one or two, very necessary, fires start this way.

In the mornings I have been treasuring the smell of the air. I wrap myself up in my wine red cardigan and sit on the porch with some earl grey, absorbing the smell of fresh air, damp earth and the quiet sounds of the morning.

I have to work today. Not until 5pm though. I plan on going to Target and shopping for an inexpensive camera for blog picture taking. I miss taking photos. Especially in fall. Fall is my most favorite time for photographs.

More updates and hopefully photos later.

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