Quilts in Progress

I finally got the pics I have been taking on disk. First I will start with a quilt top that is still not quilted but the quilt top is finished.

Isn't it beautiful! My very first quilt.

It isn't very big. Its the size of a larger baby quilt. I did this one without a pattern. It obviously wasn't hard. Its a simple block quilt, but I am very happy with the results and I cant wait to finish it.

I was thinking of my mom when I picked out the colors. Her favorite color is purple. I know that she is going to try and snag this quilt from me. Thank god I didn't make a purple pair of slippers.. My mom is a slipper thief. As soon as you hear those words, "oh I like these, they are so comfy", you know that your slippers will be gone by the next morning.

I am in the process of another quilt top. This one is black and white patterns with Turquoise patterned fabric. It is a Rail Fence quilt that I got out of a 100 Rotery Cut Quilts book from my trusty library.

The last pic is where I am at now. All the strips are sewn together and cut into squares. Now I have to sew the squares together. I have a friend that saw this quilt in the making and now he wants one. Same colors and everything but he wants his about twin sized. That's fine with me but I am not going to make it a Rail Fence quilt. I am not a patient person so I am going to make his a block quilt. What I will probably do is use 2 or 4 different fabrics and make a 4 square block. Something like that. I told him that he would have to buy the fabric because I am poor. I cant afford to get that much fabric at once.

I enjoy making quilts. I am rather impatient when it comes to crafts so I like things that I can finish quickly. Quilting is not finished quickly but small quilts are so varied in the patterns and there are so many steps that you have to pay attention to that I don't get very bored. I have plans for my next quilt already. I am a little afraid of how it will come out though. I am going to make that 4 square block I mentioned before with pick brocade. I know brocade is so slippery so I am worried it will come out strange. Its for my daughter though. She isn't going to care if the sewing isn't perfect.
The fabric is so shiny that it is difficult to get a decent photo of but trust me, it will be beautiful.

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Jeanette said...

it's lookin good! Great job.

I can't wait to see the turquoise and black and white one.