Thanksgiving Cleaning is Spring Cleaning's Nightmare

This past week I have been so busy. I havent gotten much sewing done at all and I have a holiday bazaar I am selling at on the 27th to prepare for. For the last few years Cowboy and I have argued about where to go for the holidays so we decided last year that this time we are celebrating the holidays at our house. If people want to visit us for Thanksgiving thats great, but we are staying home. My parents are coming, but of course Cowboys family is not. Thats what I preferred anyway.

I have been cleaning the house for most of the day. I set up our fish tank, vacuumed every tiny crevasse in the Dining room that my hubby and I organized last night. I still have several loads of laundry to put away, a bathroom to clean, bedroom to clean, kitchen to clean (the kitchens the worst off). So I have much to do.

I am sewing up some cute paisley clutches. I will post pics soon.

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