Please Excuse the Ranting

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I HATE MY INLAWS!!!! My father in law and my sister in law! I wish they would drop off the face of the planet! Cowboys sister has her mind so filled with crap from their father that she is convinced we are taking advantage of him and being mean. The man is like Hitler! When I was pregnant with Brae he was cruel to me. Absolutely cruel. I had horrible morning sickness. I had to take medication so that I could at least hold down water. This lasted the entire 9 months. He would boil chicken, the smell made me puke and he knew it, every day. He ruined an entire set of my brand new pot by using a hammer in them to try to break up rock solid chicken breasts. He criticized everything I bought from the store, and then ate it all within 2 days and refused to allow me to buy more food. Hello! You just ate the only thing I could keep down you bastard and you have the nerve to ridicule me for buying it again and again! I hate you!
My poor husband has been helping his father, instead of getting a full time job, because he claims that he cannot do anything himself. BULL SHIT!!! I have seen you make your own food, drive yourself to the store. You are not an invalid. It is not Cowboys responsibility to help you until you die. I would gladly help you right into your coffin!
He claims that Cowboy doesn't have any goals. How can he! Everything he has ever wanted to do you have stopped! He wanted to go to LAW SCHOOL BUT YOU REFUSED TO LET HIM GO TO COLLEGE. What sort of parent refuses to allow his child to go to college. "Carry on the family business that you hate".
And his sister, who Cowboy had not seen or heard of in almost 20 years suddenly shows up and has the audacity to tell Cowboy that I am controlling him! No I wont let him drive 30 min. one way 2x a day for nothing when gas costs $2.50 a gallon! I make the damn money around here and I have more important things to spend it on... like food for my daughter! Yes Cowboy is going to celebrate his birthday with me because that's what he wants to do. You didn't even remember the right day! And yes some of my stuff is in the garage but you can throw it away, it is trash thanks to the thousands of mice that he refused to put traps out for and now the cat piss that is on everything. Throw it all away.
She is so misinformed she looks like a fool. And, like a fool, she doesn't even realize it! My religion is my business, my family is my business, my choice of school is my choice, everything in my life IS MY CHOICE and I don't give a rats ass if you don't like what I do. I DON'T CARE!!!
Take a hike off the cliff and take your psychotic father with you! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Ok I feel better. Anyone want to adopt an aging psychopath and his fool of a daughter. Please I will ship them to you... on me.

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