Photo Friday- The Blues

She looks so blue, doesn't she?

This is my first Photo Friday, Yea!

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dragonflydreamer said...

She is beautiful. I love the photo. It is so clear and focused. I am new to photography and just keep trying to take photos and understand why they don't come out the way I want them to so I can scrapbook or frame them. How did you get to be so good? My camera is a far cry from what most of the women blogger use. It is a FugiFilm FinePix A360 4.1 Megapixels digital camera. Any advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated. By the way, I have been lurking on your weblog since I discovered the blogosphere and believe I may have left one or two comments. I think you are a talented writer and I love that you are so open and down to earth never sugar coating things that upset you or cause you pain. Thank you for your words of encouragment. They meant alot to me. Wishing you a very happy day.