Apartment Therapy Week 3 and 4

Apartment Therapy's Cure is such a great program for your house! I am really doing the deep clean this time. I am getting rid of the old me and starting fresh. Since we are moving in about 6 months (or less) I am really focused on eliminating rather then decorating. I have been absolutely addicted to the Apartment Therapy Flickr Pool.

Week 3: Before

Week 3: After
What a difference!

Now for this week I have the biggest job. I really need to just dig in tomorrow and see what I can get done. I am certain I can do it. My dining room is the worst. Here is the before picture I took today.

OMG! Is my dining room really that dirty! Where did all this stuff come from? Well regardless of where it came from , I know where it is going.

I am planning on getting rid of half the books. Almost all of the fiction novels, If I can get away with it. You cant see it but everywhere that there isn't furniture there are books on the floor. I don't need these!

There are lots of things that I had as a teenager that I am still holding onto because they have memories. But I am letting these memories go... along with the item.

The artwork on the wall was drawn by a friend of mine in high school. I cant believe I still have it! I am going to Email him on myspace to see if he wants it. If not I will sell it. Its a great piece, but not really my style. I am going to paint the table legs white and I am hoping to give away the plastic storage bin. The top has caved in a bit making it hard to open and close. I don't know what I was thinking when I painted that bookshelf. It is an ugly color. I am going to paint it white.

Here is a photo of the living room.

My thoughts: More Color, an area rug, take the native stuff down and put it somewhere else, Slipcover the couches. I am thinking of changing to ocean colors for my home. Aqua and Turquoise with brown and white. When I move up north I will find an apartment that will work with my design.

What do you think?

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