Seriously crafty

I have recently become addicted to:

And also:

What terrific sites! I have had so much inspiration from these two sites in the last few days and I have hardly scratched the surface! I also think everyone should check out Etsy. We should support the people who make things by hand. These people are seriously talented and you get quality work for great prices.

I am really hoping to have an Etsy site up soon. I have to get crackin on making stuff. Although I just added the Christmas Critter swap and the Ornament Swap to my list of things to do.
I was coming up with some ideas last night while I was laying in bed trying to calm my mind enough to sleep.
For the ornaments I came up with 3 ideas. I need 5 ornaments so I am almost there if I get all these done. I want to make a mini patchwork quilt. Just basic squares or bars. Something easy. I was thinking of using some scrap Christmas fabric. Joanns has all of their quilting fabric $1 off right now so I might go hit them up for ideas. I was going to use some ribbon for bias tape around the edges.

The second ornament might be too heavy for a tree, but I think it will work if I make it small enough. I was going to mosaic a small bell.

I have been thinking a lot about paper mache lately. I used to do it a lot when I was a kid. Its the fun messiness of it. Anyway I was thinking of making a paper mache ornament. I haven't come up with a shape. Then I would paint it.

I was contemplating sewing a little felt ornament and beading it too.

I better stop. Pumpkin isn't feeling well and she is pretty clingy today I am trying to get her to eat but she wont. I hate it when kids do that.


Anonymous said...

you might like whipup.net too ...


Melissa said...

I will check it out. Thanks!