Finally Photos!!! Yeah!!!

I finally have pics of what I have been working on. This is a set of fabric coasters that I made yesterday. I am going to put these up on my Etsy site.

They were easy to make. Cut 4 squares 5in by 5in. Cut the same of another fabric. Sew edges right sides together, but leave a hole to turn. Turn and iron flat. Tuck seam in hole and topstitch around the whole coaster. Make 3 more and you are done!

I made this handbag of blue corduroy and a red, white and blue plaid Cotton lining. There are pockets on the inside.

See to the right. Pockets and interior. This one is also going up on Etsy.

This is a cute purse with a bad picture. I have a better one. Basically it is sort of made like a Jordy Bag. The A-line one, without a flap. Its completely reversible and made of Dark denim and Cotton. Its pretty cute.

Betty Boop Bag

This one I wish I made with heavier facing. I haven't sewn the lining closed so I might go back and fuse some on. There is also going to be a big White button sewn on as the closure. This bag reminds me of Betty Boop goes to College.
Its very roomy and has a cute pocket.

These are my works in progress:

I was working on the one to the red one today. I was inspired by this great bag made by Creative Little Daisy who makes beautiful stuff. Please check out her site.
I am going to add a Denim Band and handle at the top. I am not sure what I am going to line it with yet. I am getting impatient with my fabric and I am itching for a fabric shopping spree. However I am poor right now. I might be able to stock up soon though so I am keeping my shopping list going.

The other one was inspired by a 20s style clutch I saw surfing the net. I am going to be adding a band an a magnetic closure on that one. Probably a flap too. I think I flap would make this bag pop.

Other things in the making? I made a wallet today that I liked so much I am keeping. I forgot to take a pic of it though. I am also working on another set of coasters that are Denim and the same plaid material that is lining the corduroy bag. Those ones I am thinking of embroidering with something country, like a cowboy hat and boots.

Hopefully it wont take so long to take pics next time. Let me know what you think!

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