Fall House Cleansing

Ever feel like your house is a never ending clutter box? No matter what you do with it, the clutter is always coming back?
Well its driving me nuts. I inherited my fathers white glove cleaning habits, but since I had Pumpkin and moved to my apartment its been a huge project to clear out. Cowboy and I would like to do a little entertaining this holiday season but there is no way I am inviting people over with the house like this.

I just don't know where to start! I mean the kitchen needs organization. I cant fit the microwave anywhere except where the phone has to be, so its shoved next to the fridge and its a huge pain to use it.

My dining room/library is horribly ugly. The books are piled on plastic white utility shelves. The only thing available when we moved in. I do have one good bookcase that I painted wine and shabby chic green. Wine is on the inside of the shelves. Now I am not sure if I like it. My tastes change quickly.

There is a window in the dining room/library that is covered with a book shelf. Besides the fact that its bad juju to block windows, I would like to have the light.
There is also a bunch of crap piled up under the table. The table has no chairs and I also use this room as my craft room so all of that stuff is in there too.

My desk is a mess of papers, office supplies, Cd's, pictures, and other assorted things that don't have a home elsewhere.

I have a lot of work to do! Wish me luck. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know! I may be putting stuff up here that I want to get rid of so keep a lookout for it.

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