Happy Birthday To Me

Twenty Four years ago on this day, in 1982, my mother was in the hospital delivering the new life that became me.

Yes, its my birthday. Not the exciting milestone that a birthday was when I was a child or even a teenager. Its just another birthday to me.

What am I going to do today? Well I really don't know. This morning I am going to go fabric shopping with my mom. That will be fun. I am also going to pick up some free curtains from a guy who said I can have them. Great for me! Maybe we can go thrift store hunting. There is a thrift store down the street I have been wanting to visit. Everyday he puts really neat things outside in the front of his shop and I find myself slowing down traffic so I can see what he has out.

After fabric store shopping I don't know what I want to do. I originally wanted to go to Exposition Park to the museums for my birthday, but alas we were counting pennies out of my purse to buy diapers last night. Cowboys birthday is tomorrow so we wont be doing much for his birthday either. We decided that we will celebrate our birthdays at a later date. Then we can go do what we want to.

Wish me a good day today. Many happy sales.

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