Late Night Eggplant

Oh My God! I cant believe it is 3 am! I have to get up to take my dear hubby to work at 630am! This is an ungodly time to wake up in the morning. I like to enjoy my early mornings, at least the rare ones I do have. I lounge around on my couch sipping coffee or a new herbal tea and I read something inspiring while I enjoy the freshness of the day.

Tomorrow I have school, Archaeology 101. I decided to skip class on Wed so I am really hoping that they didn't announce that we were having class at some remote location. I don't really think that will happen but its a possibility.

My Hubby got a new job! Yeah! He is making decent money and our poorness is over! I am actually paying all of my bills and stopping off at the quilt shop for fabric shopping tomorrow! I have been so excited about it the last 2 weeks. I mean... we actually have money. We haven't had money for a very long time. Our time has just began!

I promised an update with the gym. I am still working on it. I did go several times and I plan on going this week but my anniversary, Valentines, and quality time with hubby and my pumpkin got in the way. However I have been making efforts in the grocery department. Lots of chicken and veggies. I bought huge amounts of veggies tonight at the store. I even bought an eggplant! I have never cooked or even eaten eggplant before. But it is such a handsome color.

Wish me luck on my ventures! Does anyone know a good recipe for eggplant?

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