Spring and the Coming of the Gym

I am beginning to wake up. The first day of February has past and the sun has been growing since Winter Solstice. Now is the beginning of Spring as we see it. The other day I smelled the first breath of warm spring wind. That is always the beginning. Next comes the rain and then the flowers, then we are right into Summer! I live in the desert so these things happen faster here.
Don't worry, Snow Bunnies in the crafting world, Spring is on its way!

With Spring comes school and I begin my last semester of junior college. I am only taking two classes so I better get an A in both. Intro into Fictional Literature and Intro to Archaeology 2. Which is a hands on class by the way! I cant wait.

My biggest news is that I am going to join a gym...again. I have been waiting until I had the money for the fees for so long now I am scared about going. I am desperate to loose this weight. I hate being this heavy and I want to feel healthy again. I used to love going to the gym and I think I could love it again. It was my time alone with my thoughts with little interruption. And I felt great at that time. I want that again and if I am moving to a seaside town I am going to want to be swimsuit ready and healthy! Please leave me your support. I really need it. Thanks! I will let you know how things are progressing.

Oh Yeah! Cowboy found a great new job! He loves it! Yeah for my honey!

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Anonymous said...

It isn't difficult. You can do it. Put some inspirational pics on a board where you see often. I lost weight and got healthier by eating right(choose the right food and eat enough) and also exercising (right mix of cardio+toning exercises). So can you.

:) Kay