I Cant Believe I am Talking About Politics

I have had such a long week. A very fun, but long week. I went to a karaoke bar on Wed with a bunch of old and new friends. Two other girls and I sang Hotel California together. Hubbie loved that. He sat right in front of the stage and watched the whole time with a huge smile. He loved it!
That night had some sad undertones though. Toms best friend of 15 years is going to Iraq for the 3rd time. We are all terrified he wont come back. They put him in command of a unit of misfits going into the heart of Baghdad. I am afraid I will never see him again.

What is this country coming to? Our president is a fool! Why is he still in office. The whole world hates him. Clinton got a blowjob at work and he practically gets fired but this fool sends thousands of handsome young sons and beautiful daughters to get killed halfway around the world. I have a lot of friends from the military who went to Iraq and are coming home and telling us that the news is lying. What they are telling us is not happening. It's much worse. On both sides. Our military is commiting war crimes every day we are there. And the conditions are much worse there then they are telling the general public.

I urge everyone to listen carefully to what you are being told. Free Press is a vision of the past.

Sorry about the soapbox, but I want my friends to come home alive and not dead for nothing more then some Middle Easterners who cant keep their act together. What are we the world police?


Leanne said...

Thanks. Until I was deployed I never really watched the news. I didn't think it affected me! Now, more than ever, I see the money lust that drives this country and this world. It is disgusting and trying to put it under a guise of 'religion' is absolutely revolting.

Melissa said...

I completely agree :)