New Camera

I got a new camera! I haven't picked it up yet but I am so excited! I've never bought a digital camera before. I always borrow my parents camera but this new one is way better. It has so many neat features. I am going to have a lot of fun with it. I am going to be taking so many photos! I am a photography junkie. I hope this gets my enthusiasm about photography up, I really miss it. I used to have some great Film SLRs. I have a Roloflex and a Pentax, among others. They all have something wrong with them and although they take phenomenal pictures, I think that a newer digital camera will work for now. Its better then having nothing, like I have had for 3 years.

I almost didn't buy it. I have this complex about large purchases. I want the best one at the best price and I always find what I want, but that is when I get cold feet. What if this one isn't the best value or what if I find a better one tomorrow? Well, I need to get over this because I am too busy waiting for perfect, when something enjoyable and perfectly adequate is right in front of me. At least I don't have this problem with men.

I am picking it up at Best Buy as soon as my hubby comes home. I cant wait!

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dragonflydreamer said...

I hope you enjoy your camera. I was reading this post and thinking about the fact that I also obsess on getting the best item at the best price and most of the time become too overwhelmed and don't get anything. By the way, congratulations on the upcoming move and acceptance to UCSC. Good Luck!