All About Moi

So you want to know who I am?
Well Strap on in and enjoy the ride.

I dont have any good pics of me but I will try to find some and put them up.
Where to start...
I am 23 and I was born and raised in Southern California. I have always lived in homes on acreage with dogs and cats. I still live in my hometown and I will probably be living here for another year and a half. Currently I am an apartment manager and I have a love/hate relationship to my job, but I get a free apartment and I dont have to pay utilities so I love that. I am trying to get a job at Petsmart currently. I just want something fun to do until I transfer to UC Santa Barabra. I currently have only one class until I complete my AA.

I am planning on studying Archaeology in school. I love history and I love studying how people live their lives. I have had a hard time picking just one thing to study. There is so much that I am interested in and I am afraid of making the wrong choices. I was going to go to Culinary School but I couldnt afford it. It wasnt meant to be though. There must be something else that I am supposed to do with my life.

I practice a religon called Witchcraft. Most people have heard of it. I would like to say that Witchcraft is not about casting spells on people or turning people into frogs. It is about enjoying mother nature and what she has givin us on this earth. Witches do not believe in hurting other people. They trust that the god and goddess (yes two and many more in some cases) will teach them their lesson in their own time. If you would like an example as to what I practice the movie Practical Magic is a great choice. Now we dont bring people back from the dead and we dont put needles in peoples eyes, but the tenants of witchcraft presented in the movie are good. I love the house in this movie too. A true witches house. This is a great site for more info about the witchcraft I practice

I worship nature, I take care of the earth and her creatures big and small. I am at home in the forest and in any body of water. I study herbcraft, and I like to make insence, teas, and I love aromatherapy. I believe in treating the cause and not the symptom.

Onto other things. I am a certified Massage Therapist although I dont practice much anymore due to my hands hurting when I give a massage. I am also a Reiki Healer. Reiki is a type of energy healing that comes from Asia.

I have a huge love affair with anything French. I think the french are a facinating culture full of family and tradition. I love many many things about the country of France from the way they live their lives and their views on the human body to the way they raise their children. I even love their food. I will probably be using this site to help document what I learn about French culture and also to write about what I admire and what I dislike. I am part of a Yahoo group called French_Chic. It is a group of women online who love everything french and admire the french Je ne sais quoi. The group is to help each other become more fulfilled in life and more secure in themselves using techniques learned from french women. Check them out.

I love Fashion. My mother never taught me anything about putting on makeup, picking out clothes, or even how to take care of my skin or shave my legs. She was never taught by her mother and she ended up being a tomboy so it wasnt important to her. So to remedy this I bought lots and lots of books and magazines about beauty and fashion. I am rebuilding my ugly plain wardrobe with quality clothing that I love. And I am learning how to be as belle and chic as the french country I so love.

I will probably talk alot about the books I read. I used to read a lot of fiction novels and classics. Then I got into non fiction books. I am now rediscovering classics and fiction novels. I love the world I can escape into when I dont want to be in this world. They are wayt better then movies and I believe that books helped my vocabulary and english when I was younger. Since moving to a poorer and therfore less educated neighborhood I have noticed a huge difference in the way I speak. I used to talk like I was in college and now I talk like an eighth grader with a bad education. I am trying to relearn intellectual speech. Hopefully reading will help me now like it did when I was a kid.

Other random things I like to do.

Cook, Clean, Shop, Paint, Travel, Photography (I used to be a portrait photographer and half of my family are photographers, but my good camera has been broken for a while and I cant afford to fix it.) Dancing, swimming, baking, Harry Potter, Horses, Glastonbury, Castles, fairies (yes I believe in fairies), knitting, sewing, I am a creator and I love to create new things, gardening, city building games like Sim City. I like to play DnD and watch National Geographic, I like the HBO show Big Love, and Road Rules and Real World on MTV along with The Hills.

Thats about all for me!

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