Introducing My Life

I am Melissa Darlene. I am 23 years old and I live in California. My life is pretty boring but also pretty dramatic. I will introduce you to our cast.

First and most important is my daughter. We will call her Pumpkin, I do.

That is the worst pic of her but its the most recent picture I have. You will be seeing lots of this rag-a-muffin. Pumpkin is very outgoing, knows what she wants, and will try anything to get it. She isn't one of those toddlers you can distract easily. She focuses on what she wants and goes for it. Just like her daddy. This picture is of Pumpkin after she threw a fit. Yes that is a graveyard in the background. My dad passed away in December of a heart attack. Very sudden and unexpected. Here is a pic of dad.

Wasn't he so handsome! The little girl in their is my niece. You wont hear me talk about dad much. Too Sad. :(

I will say that dad was a ladies man, very charming, he could dance very well and he was an excellent salesman. He could sell ice to penguins. Seriously.

The next most important person to my heart is my fiance. We will call him Cowboy. Cowboy is 28. He was a contractor, because his dad was a contractor, and guess what! He hates contracting so he quit. Now he is on his search to figure out what he wants to do in life. Much like I am. Cowboy is a terrific boyfriend, a wonderful dad and I love him very much. We have out share of spats however that you will be sure to hear about. Here is Cowboy and Pumpkin.

Cowboy is currently obsessed with Horse Archery. He is a total hick. He wears boots and a cowboy hat everywhere he goes. Which is fine unless you are going to a nice Italian restaurant.

Cowboy and I own 5 horses. They are an important aspect of our life so I will tell you a little about them.

The most important one is Meghan. She is my first horse and I just got her today! Meghan belonged to Tom's Best Friend Chris. I have ridden her a few times and I love her. She is so wonderful and easy to ride. I cant wait to ride her again. I don't have any pics of Meghan right now but I am sure I will.

Then there is Trouble. Trouble and Meghan are both retired Police Horses. Trouble was in the LA Riots with his previous owner so he is pretty hardy. However, Trouble wasn't ridden for 2 years before we got him. He has some issues with manners. I should mention that Trouble threw me the last time I rode him. He did it on purpose and I still haven't forgiven him. Luckily I just got a bruised tailbone, cuts and bruises. Trouble is Cowboys horse, since Cowboy is an expert rider.

Then there is Soquili. Soquili means horse in Cherokee. I apologize if I spelled Soquili wrong. I can never seem to get that one right. Anyway Soquili is a Bureau of Land Management Mustang. She is between 14 and 15 hands. Short for the average horse, but normal for a mustang. She is very shy and we have had trouble getting her to warm up to anyone. Recently Cowboys sister has had terrific success with her. We almost have the halter on her.

Sequoia is a huge horse that we got from a friend. He is a little over 16 hands. I don't know much about Sequoia because we recently got him. I think that he is a very gentle horse and well mannered. He will probably make a great beginner horse someday. He still needs training though. Cowboy can ride him bareback and he can get a saddle on him. He is learning well though.

Last but not least is Buck. Buck has a great personality but is horrible spoiled by Cowboy's dad. Cowboy bred Buck from his mother but he was breeding for a paint and Buck came out a Buckskin. Buck is about 7 or 8 and still hasn't been trained. I believe that Cowboy wont train Buck because his father would drive him crazy "trying" to help. More on Cowboy's father next. Buck is beautiful and if he were trained we could probably sell him for $3000-$5000 easy. He looks EXACTLY like the horse Spirit in the animated movie Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmeron.

Onto Cowboy's father. I hate Cowboy's father. You will probably find this out as he does more and more idiotic things to make me hate him more. I have many reasons to hate this man. We can start with the way he treats me. Then we can move onto the way he treats his son. I have never in my life had anyone treat me as horribly as Cowboy's father. Give me the benefit of doubt that I have my reasons to wish death on this man so we can get his negativity out of our lives. Granted everyone in a while he is nice but it is like bait to lure you in so he can poison you and leave you paralyzed so he can eat you later. Seriously, I hate him. Passionately.

The last few characters will show their faces often enough to be included. There is my mom and stupidity, who love each other but fight consistently. I am currently trying to get my mom to admit that she treats him like dirt. I think I am close.

There are my sisters. My sisters... They are successful, pretty, thin, and all that goes with it. They tend to "accidentally" leave me out of things. I don't have a lot in common with them but I wish them well.

My neighbor and the closest I have to a best friend that's a girl. She lives in the appartment next door to me, with her asshole alcoholic husband and four children ages 7, 5, 4, and 20 months. We will call her...well Jenn will work. Jenn writes depressing poetry that is actually pretty good. I might put some of it up here for you all to read. She is the typical bored housewife trying to keep her kids happy and out of trouble. She is also preparing to leave her husband so be prepared for fireworks. Jenn is a great friend though who always gives me comfort when I need it.

Finally, this group of women is my home away from home. They are my sex in the city, my sisterhood, my extended family. To protect their identities They will be C, K, D, and S.

C is pretty famous here in town because she practices Witchcraft (which is a federally recognized religion for those of you wondering), more on Witchcraft later. She owned a pagan store that was repeatedly harassed by some ill mannered Christians and the cops did nothing about it. Discrimination! I was present for the worst of these attacks and the Christians were grossly out of line. What they did would be equal to 8 or 9 pagans reciting rituals in the middle of church on Easter Sunday during services. They bumped into people, played loud music and were basically annoying. Anyway the hate crime hit the AP and other large newspapers and caused quit a stir. Anyway C is helping Cowboy and I work out some problems in our relationship, she is a great friend and confidante.

K is a total animal lover. She has pigs, horses, a herd of goats and kids (baby goats), chickens, turkeys, dogs, cats, rabbits, and who knows what else. They raise a lot of their food. Totally cool and organic. Yes, they eat their pigs, chickens and turkeys, eat the chickens eggs, drink the goats milk, and this year they will even have a cow.

D is a great friend and a person who seems calm and put together is every situation. We call her mermaid because of her beautiful long curly red hair. It is mermaid hair to a T. D is very sweet and I love her. I also found out that D's little sister used to babysat me when I was about 5. I never knew D until a couple of years ago though. What a small world!

S is the closest to me in age at 28. She is wild and beautiful. He role model is Bettie Page so that should give you an idea about her. She even looks a bit like Bettie Page. She has her nipples pierced and will show you if you ask her. She is also covered in tattoos and is bisexual. She brings lots of excitement into our group.

Well that's about all for now. Thanks for meeting my loved ones!

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