Today's Chic Role Model

Audrey Hepburn was one of the most chic women of all time. She was the epitome of poise and grace. Here is a famous photo of her.

Audrey was born in Brussels, Belgium on May 4th to a wealthy banker and a Dutch Baroness. During World War Two Audrey and her mother were on vacation in Holland when the Nazi Regime took over the town. During this time Audrey suffered from depression and malnutrition. After the town was liberated Audrey moved to London and went to Ballet School. Soon after she began her modeling career and it wasn't too long before film producers were knocking on her door. The author Colette picked Audrey to play in Gigi, the movie written for her book.

Audrey was also a humanitarian. She was a special ambassador for UNICEF and she traveled to third world countries attempting to spread the word about suffering and starvation of children everywhere. She was truly dedicated to her cause. Audrey visited Ethiopia, Turkey, and South America in 1988; Central America, Sudan, and Bangladesh in 1989; Vietnam in 1990 and Somalia in 1992.

Audrey died on Jan 20, 1993 of Colon Cancer.

Audrey was also one of only 9 actors and actresses who won an Emmy, an Oscar, a Grammy and a Tony Award.

Audrey was one of the most inspiring people I ever learned about. She is my role model when I think of sophisticated and chic. Audrey Hepburn... tres chic

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