Fun in the Sun

On this beautiful May Day it was finally warm enough to break out the new pool at the neighbors. My little pumpkin had such a grand time. I took so much pleasure while sitting in the sun. I cant wait until I am on a beach every weekend watching her running from the waves and learning to catch sandcrabs.

I have been sewing a bit. I bought Amy Butler's In Stitches book and I really like it. The patterns seem simple to do. I have read through several, but so far I have only finished one.

These are the drawstring bags from the book. They still need the drawstrings and I am going to take pics of them in action. The pirate one is for my brother Sean. He is completely obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean and has been for over a year or maybe two! The other bag it probably going to stay with me unless a friend decides she has to have it.

These bags also seem to be reversible. Which is why I put some cool liners in the pirate one.

The only thing that I would say about this pattern is that it is a little confusing at first (at least for me), but after I read it over a few times and laid the pieces out it was much clearer. This is an ingenious way to make a bag but it reminds me of when I made my first lined tote. I couldn't figure out how I would pull the whole purse out that hole in the liner and it would look right. I tried it and it worked! This is the same thing. It doesn't seem right at first but it comes out great. I popped both these bags out in an afternoon and I have plans for more!

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