Has it Been A Week Already?

Wow I just realized that I haven't posted in over a week! I have been busy with school and sewing, cleaning and planning.

Yesterday I took down Pumpkin's bed. She has been sleeping on the couch for months and will not sleep in the bed. Right now we are in a one bedroom apartment and I am so happy to have my room back. In a few months she will have her own room and all of her things will go there. We will be painting her bed (it was a hand me down) and her dresser (needs hardware and maybe paint, I really like the shabby chic look of it). I cannot wait to move!

I haven't really talked about the apartment complex I manage and live in, mostly because there isn't much worthy of writing down and what is worthy, is usually a series of unfortunate events that I am drug into because I am manager.

So I have come up with a list of reasons why I cant wait to move...

1. I am moving from my desert hometown to the beach and forest.

2. I live in the ghetto, and its making me racist against my will... This is a long, complicated and controversial topic that I might get into later. I was never racist before and I don't want to be.

3. My apartment will get into the 90s in the summer if the air conditioner isn't always running, thank god I don't have to pay my electric bill (boss pays the bills, almost not worth it).

4. I have never met so many low lives in my life!

5. It is not safe to take my daughter to the local park (drug dealers, gangs, children with appalling behavior)

6. I would never put my kid in one of these schools.

7. I feel like many of the men are undressing me with their eyes... the scary part is I am probably right.

8. My whole life I have had a private outdoor space... until now. I am dying for at least some semi private space outdoors. An enclosed patio would suffice.

9. I want Pumpkin to have her own room.

10. I hate my dark brown carpet.

11. I hate a lot of my furniture and I am planning on taking most of it to the dump.

12. I want to let Pumpkin play outside in the grass and not be afraid of drugs, trash, broken glass, half empty alcohol bottles, etc in the filthy dirt (there is no grass, and they are going to tear out the sad bushes that are here an cover everything with concrete).

13. I origionally had 12 but after another frustrating conversation with maintenance I am soooooooooo happy to never have to work with the maintenance again. They are horrible! Lazy! Sexist! I hate dealing with them. They make my blood boil.

Those are 13, but there are so many more reasons. Lets not forget...
-get Tom away from abusive family
-start on second chapter of our life
-Last but certainly not least UCSC!!! Go Banana Slugs!!! (No Joke...)

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