Mother's Day

Mothers Day was very pleasant, just as I wished. Tom had to work so my mom picked up my daughter and I, and we went back to her house. My mothers house, no matter where it is, is a haven away from chaos. Friends and family are always welcome at anytime. They are fed and listened to, given advice and sent on their way, lighter and full of new possibilities.

It was nice to relax and play croquet, a game we haven't played as a family in a decade or more. My mom got me a gift certificate for the salon and I showed her the Amy Butler apron I would have had finished if I had my machine back in time, by the way that's the surprise. I am making one for myself and one for my mom. I cant wait until they are done! They are so beautiful!

So, tonight I have plans to clean up and reinstate my sewing machine in its rightful spot. And I have a bag that has been causing a lot of problems that needs a meeting with the needle. You will see him up on Scent of Rain soon. He is famous, the bag that tricked me into thinking my precious sewing machine was broken. Snatch him up quick... I think I will call him Loki...

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