A New Summer Dress

I have been studying like crazy today for finals which are on Wed next week and by 5 pm I needed a break. I decided to make a quick summer dress for Pumpkin. It was cut out and finished in under an hour! Maybe I will do a tutorial for it, since it was so easy. I used a store-bought dress to make the pattern. The original dress had a zipper in the back but I wanted something quick to pull over her head so I changed it.

Making this dress, with no pattern, has really increased my confidence in my sewing ability. I know I sew well, but I am not up to my very high standards (I am a recovering perfectionist).

Next time I am going to cut across about 1.5 or 2 inches past the arm holes and gather a skirt in a coordinating fabric, and sew it on.

I could cut down the front or back and add buttons, I would have to add extra seam allowance for that.

I was thinking of adding a pocket on the front but not this time.

Maybe a lining, this one is unlined.

Be prepared for more of these!

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Ginger said...

She is so pretty in her summer dress to cute!
hugs ginger