Secret Wedding

This Sunday I watched Desperate Housewives, wow what a season finale!

My favorite part was when Susan and her daughter had a surprise secret wedding in the woods with Mike. I thought it was the most beautiful scene. I loved the candles on the stones and the flowers and gauze as the arches. I loved the colored Chinese globe lanterns that were hanging from the trees. It looked so magical, like walking through a fairy portal.

Most people that know us think we are married, but eventually they figure out that we have never gotten around to tying the knot. Our wedding got pushed to the side when Tom's mom got sick and then when I got pregnant, we postponed it again. Now, I feel just like Susan. I don't care about the big perfect wedding, I just want to be married to my soul mate. A wedding like this would be perfect, only our closest friends and family in a small ceremony and private dinner. It would be lovely.

I cant add this to my plate just yet, but maybe soon. Oh no, I have a wedding bug crawling on me!

* By the way, it is finals week this coming week and I am swamped with work so please excuse me if I am missing for a few days.
My 100th post is coming up and I was thinking of doing a giveaway... Maybe a pattern, maybe some fabric, we shall see...

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Emily said...

My husband and I were engaged for three years before we finally got around to getting married. We had a quiet ceremony just like you described: 10 family members at the courthouse, followed by lunch at a restaurant. It was perfect and low-stress!