I Did It!!!

I haven't really complained much about my job on this blog due to the fact that people have gotten fired because for writing about work on their blogs, but now...I QUIT!


About 2 months ago I asked for 4 days off at work. Not 4 days in a row... 4 days during the next month. Suddenly I check my schedule and I was given the whole month off... I begged and pleaded to get my hours back because there was some mistake. I got about 15 hours back combined. Since then, I was taken out of my department, without asking me. They cut my hours per week in half. And they started scheduling me on times and days that made it difficult for me to get to work. I asked every manager in the store and the store manager to fix this but everyone seemed to think there wasn't a problem. Well I was having trouble keeping food in the house so Yes there was a problem!

This morning, I Quit. I have been completely stressed out about this for months and this last weekend I could hardly sleep. Last nights post sealed the deal. It was unhealthy for me to continue working in that environment. I didn't need that stress. I have applied for another job that I will probably get and I am not worried. Cowboy is working and things have been getting better. I have been living with a sporadic paycheck from my work for months so we have found other ways of making ends meet.

I am so relieved. I am afraid that the main manager is going to call me later. But I plan on being honest with him. I can be a brutally honest person sometimes. That is also something I gained with Motherhood. I am no longer afraid to speak my mind and stand up for myself and my family.


Anonymous said...

congrats. I quit a job once - I didn't plan on it, but the circumstances surrounding the job changed, and I wasn't willing to work there anymore. Best decision. It's hard to do, but sometimes you open yourself up to new stuff when you make a big change like that.

Jen (Fab Afic.)

Anonymous said...

Good for you! Employers all to often believe that you are there to work and that fact alone is good enough to keep you satisfied. They need to treat their employees well! Good luck with your new job prospect and good riddance to your old job.

East of Oregon said...

Good luck with your new job and I am glad that you feel good about leaving the old job. Bad jobs are one of the worst things in life. I am convinced of it. I've had many of them. yuk.