Sunday Scribblings- Anticipation

When I think of anticipation I think of the physical effects of anticipating an event. My heart begins to race, my senses heighten, my stomach tightens, and if the anticipating lasts longer then a few day then usually I cannot sleep. Anticipating something is part of the joy in life. It is a hope that is soon to come true and who doesn't want to see their hopes come true? I love the waiting a bit less then the receiving but it wouldn't be the same event if I didn't get to feel excited by it.

Things I am anticipating
1. Moving to UC Santa Cruz next fall. If I get in (crossing fingers)
2. Finishing my AA in June.
3. Watching my 2 year old daughter blow out the candles for the first time.
4. Watching her eat the cake.
5. I can wait until my sweetie finally finds what he wants to do as a career, without his father trying to stop him.
6. Am I a bad person for anticipating the death of a person. Even an abusive person? I am sad that I feel this way but... there is no excuses I guess. I just hate the man. For more info see my rant.
7. Oh course I cant wait for Christmas!
8. I started the Cure on Apartment Therapy and I cant wait to finish! Buy the book! Its fantastic!
9. I started selling my extra books on Amazon.com and I already had one sell! I am hoping to thin out my collection this way and make some money on the side.
10. I cant wait to see my baby get bigger.... but at the same time I want her to stay this young forever.

On a side note I do enjoy baking and today I baked 4 dozen gingersnaps and made enough chocolate ganache for over 100 truffles and I finished 4 dozen of them already! I cant wait to start baking tomorrow! I still have chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, and sugar cookies to make, fudge, peppermint bark, and brownies to make too! So much to do! So much Fun!

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beverly said...

i totally feel your pain about in laws. right now i'm pretty pissed with my sister-in-law and the way she has treated my mom and my dad while they were out helping her and my brother with their new baby. and i'm really disappointed in my brother and how he's not acting right and being the person our parents raised him to be...hang in there...hopefully it will get better