Holiday Hospital Visit

I would like to express my sorrow that James Kim did not make it back to his family. I am thinking of them often and I sent my well wishes for them. I think of my little family and I am so happy that we are all safe at home tonight. Especially since we took pumpkin to the ER last night to get stitches in her forehead. My poor little baby was playing with a frisky puppy and it bumped into her and she fell into an unfinished concrete step. She looks like she was in a car accident. She has two, well... holes in her forehead that the doctor stitched closed. Plus a long scratch down her nose to her lip and several cuts around her right eye and cheek. I could not believe how much blood there was. It was awful and it wouldn't stop bleeding. All of you with boys are thinking that this is nothing aren't you? Well it was our first major injury. Hopefully there will not be anymore.

I should be getting my pics tomorrow. Hopefully I will have much stuff in the shop for Christmas gifts (sorry for the shameless self promotion but, I have a lot of great creations I want to share with the world... okay okay, my hubby thinks I spend too much money on crafting so I need to support my habit).

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gusmarco said...

I feel the same way. Sometimes it's easy to forget how lucky you are to have your family safe and healthy.