Since I quit my job I have had some extra sewing time on my hands. I made a new pattern for a purse which has turned out 3 great purses! I also made another adorable tote and I have fabric ready for several more purses. One of the purses I made I am keeping. It matches my red and cream wallet that I made a few weeks ago.

I also made some zipper coin pouches and make up bags. They look okay. I will be giving the fist several I make away until I feel that they are good enough to sell in my store. I am pretty picky about what is good enough to go to my store.

I took a bunch of pictures today. I probably wont get them up for a couple of days but they are worth it. I will also be adding a bunch of items to my etsy store, just in time for Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas... I am so jealous of all of you bloggers with snow! I cannot wait until I move to another place that has snow every year. Not much but something! Something that sticks! It probably wont snow here again this year. It has been below freezing but the combo of wet weather and freezing temps doesnt happen very much around the desert.

Actually Cowboy and I have been talking over the last year about where we will eventually want to settle down. We have both decided that this town is NOT where we want to stay. What we are looking for is a smaller town, open minded, with character, friendly people, on the West Coast, it must have all 4 seasons, it must be green (I have lived in a desert my whole life), good schools, safe, beautiful. Does this sound like your town? I am looking at Northern Ca, Oregon, and Washington. I have been to WA and I loved it. I stayed in Bremerton when my boyfriend, at the time, was stationed at the Naval Base there. Everyone was so friendly. I hated So California when I came back. I never realized how rude people are here. I am not saying that everyone is rude here, just that it was very different in WA.

I will bring you picks of what I am working on soon!

Check out the Tutorial list. I have updated it a bit.

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