Recently Finished Projects

Finally I have the pictures which I will be sharing with you over the next several days. Here is what I have been working on lately. I absolutely love the tote! It looks even better in person. I am going to have everything on etsy so please check it out. The little bags are really cute too. I love the fabric on them.

The Blue and Brown leaf bag is my own pattern (so are the small paisley bags). Its a medium sized clutch. Cute isn't it. I was pleased with how it came out.

The brown bag is my new favorite pattern. My sister bought this really cute little purse and I created my own pattern from it. It is different from her purse but I love how it came out. I made the pattern my own. I have made 3 more purses from this patten which I don't have pics of but you will see them soon. I am soooooo mad at myself about this particular purse. I screwed it up majorly. It is made of embroidered moleskin and I had a brain fart and ironed the flap to close it. Here is what happened. I cant believe I did that. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix it? It is right on the top of the bag where the flap folds. I haven't figured anything out yet An applique is my only option, I think and that will be difficult. Let me know if you have any ideas!


Anonymous said...

a little confusing .. but it looks like the fabric split? Really nothing you can do. If you have any extra fabric, you could replace that piece ... or find a complimentary fabric and make the flap a different fabric. Looks pretty ruined from the picture.


East of Oregon said...

very nice! Happy Thursday!

Anonymous said...

Nice bag. I think it's embellishment time !!!